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The reliefs at the Urban Park for the Bruce Springsteen concert

The reliefs at the Urban Park for the Bruce Springsteen concert

Environmental and safety checks are proceeding for the preparation of the urban park in view of the Bruce Springsteen concert in Ferrara on May 18, 2023.


The preliminary analyzes carried out involve the use of a 3D ground penetrating radar to survey the ground below the stage, to identify any underground utilities and for subsequent positioning.


The company Explore Srl, a spin-off of the University of Trieste, was appointed. The technicians of the infrastructure service of the Municipality of Ferrara and those of the Sigfrida studio were also present with the staff of the Trieste company.


The path of the 3D ground penetrating radar was traced with the aid of an environmentally friendly and safe water-based paint. The instrumentation, the technicians explain, makes it possible to acquire three-dimensional images up to about 3 meters deep, giving the operator a complete mapping of the entire subsoil. The latest generation system reconstructs the underground stratification in three-dimensional graphics, detecting objects, bodies, cavities and caves.


SOURCE: www.comune.fe.it

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